About Us
We know what you need because we've been there.
Christopher Hussain
Christopher Hussain
I know exactly what you're going through because I've been in your shoes. For two years in a row, I was the #1 Mortgage Originator in the US. I've personally funded over ~$2b in loans in all 50 states. I want to help you to improve your own proficiency. We created RealKey to maximize the potential of every mortgage loan orginator who uses it.
Company Overview
Our Vision
Zero condition loans achieved through a facilitated mortgage submission platform.
Our Mission
To help anyone and everyone involved in the processing of a mortgage to reclaim wasted time and energy.
What we're all about
We want to use our expert knowledge and experience to give back to the mortgage lending community. Through technology and improved processes, we believe we can change how people work. What's more, we believe we can change how things get done. Lots of companies are trying to fix what's broken in mortgage processing. RealKey fills a key gap, focusing on eliminating conditions by facilitating and automating document collection and review.