Real Estate Unlocked

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RealKey provides an unprecedented view of how realtors and lenders actually perform, and facilitates the entire process of buying, selling and financing your home.

Here’s how it works:

Data Driven Insight

By uniting previously private data sources, RealKey enables a new level of insight to buyers and sellers. Sync directly income and asset providers to streamline document collection, and search for realtors and lenders based on your specific needs.

Trust and Transparency

We’re building a community, one review at a time. Customers can review realtors and lenders based on their experiences. Reviews are verified by RealKey, and user identities are anonymous to the public.

Live Listings

Know more about how realtors and lenders stack up to the market right away, and view live listings with the most current data available. Rates are quoted from live streams for the most acccurate quotes.

One Place for the Entire Process

After matching you with a realtor and lender, RealKey facilitates the entire process from document management to financial analysis. All parties are kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

RealKey Tools

Find Agent

Work in RealKey with your current realtor or find an experienced agent based on your needs and profile.

Find Lender

Search for your next home using the same systems and databases that your realtor and lender use.

Process Management

With our automated systems and re-engineered process, all of your transactions will close faster than ever.